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Welcome to Quick Treats! My name is Mamatha Kumar and my  blog  Quick Treats is all about healthy ,simple and quick recipes. Every recipe  shared here is healthy,made with less ingredients and easily available at your kitchen pantry.

About me

I was born and brought up in Mysore,India. currently  I live in Houston,USA.

Quick Treats is my personal blog. My cooking adventure started when i moved to Houston in 2010.after all trail and error methods, I turned into a decent cook,who can cook healthy food to my family. Also , I am an obsessed baker and credit goes to my daughter who was supposed to be picky eater started liking the goods which i baked,which in turn encouraged me  to bake healthy stuff at home. Yes ,I call cake ,cookie etc healthy when i bake them at home because i am not eating 15 to 20 preservatives and when i bake at home i know what goes in and how i can customize it according to my taste and health.

Quick Treats is dedicated to all who loves home food and have passion to try new tastes and spend minimum time in kitchen like me.

Thanks for stopping by. your likes,comments,and suggestions are very important to me.

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Thank you ,
Mamatha Kumar
(Quick Treats)

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