Breakfast ideas for kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.When it comes to kids, it’s very difficult to feed them healthy breakfast and get them ready for school .

I have listed few easy and quick breakfast recipes in the video below. You can include many other recipes as per your child taste. In a healthy breakfast,Quantity is not important but what counts is  amount of proteins, carbs ,calcium etc..

few other Alternatives

replace smoothies in place of milk (great combination of fruits and milk).

– use cereal of less sugar or zero sugar with milk.

– sandwich made with your kid favorite stuffing.

With these simple breakfast kids can eat quickly (10 to 15 min) and get out the door in time to school.

Important tip

Breakfast is so important not only for kids but to everyone. It’s a challenge for parents to feed kids breakfast.BUT DO NOT SKIP breakfast. Just adding one favorite food of your kid to breakfast makes kids show interest to eat .

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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