Bisibele bath (using cracked wheat/ broken wheat in instant pot)

Bisibele Bath is a Karnataka style rice cooked with dal and vegetables. Spiced with readymade or homemade bisibele Bath powder. Enjoyed when it’s hot!!
I have substituted rice with cracked wheat (Just to have more bisibele Bath without guilt) believe me tastes the same or I should say better than prepared with rice.
Here,I have used instant pot to prepare bisibele Bath , you can use pressure cooker for the same.


1 cup – cracked wheat/rice,
1/2 cup – toor dal,
1 small – onion,
7 to 8 – curry leaves,
1 tsp – ginger-garlic paste,
3 tsp – salt,
3 tsp – bisi bele bath powder,
1 tsp – corainder powder,
2 cups – vegetables(carrot,beans,
Capsicum,peas etc..),
2 – tomatoes,
1 tsp – mustard seeds,
1 tsp – cumin seeds,
5 cups -water


Rinse and drain cracked wheat.
Switch on the Sauté key of the instant pot.
Heat some oil and fry chopped onions and curry leaves .(can add red chilies-optional)

Add ginger garlic paste and vegetables (of your choice). Cook until onions are golden brown and switch of the Sauté mode.
Add dal, cracked wheat(or rice) and 5 cups of water. Add tomatoes
Add salt and spices like bisibele Bath powder(I have used readymade powder) and coriander powder.
Mix. Close the lid of Instant pot and seal the steam nozzle .
Press manual button and cook for 14 minutes.(if using pressure cooker , cook until 3 whistles)
Switch off and naturally release the pressure.
Open the lid and Enjoy bisibele Bath while it’s still hot!!

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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