Coconut Burfi / kobbari mithai

Coconut Burfi is a Indian Sweet made with few ingredients like coconut ,sugar,cardamom,water and little ghee.
Can be prepared with fresh or dry coconut .

Fresh coconut is offered to god in festivals and later that coconut is used to make sweets like Burfi/mithai. Its tradition in many South Indian families.

Try this easy ,quick and tasty Coconut Burfi.


1 cup – fresh coconut
3/4 cup – sugar
1/4 cup – water
1 teaspoon – cardamom
4 tablespoons – ghee/ clarified butter


Grease a plate /pan with ghee or clarified butter.

Grate the coconut and dry grind it in mixer into fine crumbs.
At a medium heat, in a heavy bottomed pan, place coconut,sugar and water. Stirring occasionally bring it to boil .

It starts thickening, now add cardamom and ghee. Continuously stir until all moist is absorbed and collects to form one nice dough kind.
Switch off the stove and quickly transfer to greased plate and flatten it with back of greased spoon.
Run the knife to make desired shape and cut .

Tasty kobbari Mithai/Coconut Burfi is ready to serve.

– Can peel off the skin of coconut for white colored Burfi.

– if you are using dry coconut, dry roast it before using.

– If you over cook it and turns into crumbles,add little milk and cook few more minutes.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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