Peda is a Indian sweet. I have made it using just 4 ingredients- butter, ricotta cheese, milk powder and condensed milk.Easy and Tastyūüėč

4 Tablespoons/1/4 cup – Unsalted Butter,
425 grams – Ricotta cheese,
14oz – condensed milk,
1 1/2 cups – milk powder


Take a non stick pan at medium heat and melt butter. Add Ricotta cheese and stir for 3 to 4 minutes.
Now, add condensed milk and mix well..

Keep stirring. add milk powder in 2 batches and stir continuously until it becomes thick batter.( approximately 10 to 12 minutes)make sure no lumps.
Once it becomes thick and leaves the sides of pan switch of the flame and allow it cool..
When it’s slightly warm(don’t let it completely cool)make lemon sized balls.
Enjoy delicious Pedaūüėč

* decorate peda’s with almonds, pistachio, cashews etc of your choice .

* Can use cardamom powder .

* Apply ghee to your hands if peda mixture is   Sticky or hard.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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