Ellu Bella Mixture(Sankranti special)


Makara sankranthi is celebrated as a very important festival in India. Many states in India celebrate this festival in their own way. farmers celebrate it ,as harvest will be complete and will prepare sweet out of it.
In Karnataka, usually celebrated by distributing Ellu Bella mixture and kite flying in daytime.
Ellu Bella mixture is good for health in winter.
Try this tasty mix and share with your family and friends.
Happy Sankranthi/pongal.


1 cup – Jaggery,
1 cup – dry coconut,
1 cup – peanuts,
1 cup – Chana dalia split,
1 cup – sesame seeds
1 cup – sugar fennel seeds,


Cut jaggery into very small cubes using knife or Nut cracker.
Remove the outer skin of coconut by grating it and cut into small cubes.

Sun dry both dry coconut and jaggery pieces.

Dry roast the peanuts and dry roast sesame seeds until it puffs up.

Mix jaggery, dry coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar fennel seeds and dalia split.

Ellu Bella is ready to eat and share.


– can increase the quantity of jaggery to two cups and reduce the sesame seeds to half cup.
– I have used blanched peanuts. If you are using skinned peanuts then remove the skin of peanuts after roasting.
– can be stored in air tight containers
Or zip locks for 2 weeks at room temperature .

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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