Ghee(clarified butter)

Ghee made by simmering butter, is widely used in Indian cuisine. Roti’s , Rice and many Indian sweets.
Try making ghee at your own, you will love the taste. Healthy and tasty than store bought ghee.


Take few sticks of unsalted butter (try organic 0r butter made of cow’s milk for better taste) ,make pieces and put it on a thick bottomed small/medium sized pan.

At low – medium heat (at number 4) bring it to boil,foam forms and after 10 minutes you will notice bubbles and also hears bubble sound. Stir occasionally.

In another 10 minutes, you will see milk solids sinking to bottom and upper layer which is butter starts becoming transparent.

When the bubble sound stops ,butter turns gold color and milk solids at bottom turns brown, take it off the heat and strain using muslin cloth.

Discard the milk solids collected on Muslim cloth.

Let your ghee sit overnight at room temperature for a creamy yellow texture.

Enjoy your homemade ghee!!


* For better taste,when ghee is almost done, you can add spices like 1/4 spoon turmeric few curry leaves or betel leaves(which you are going to strain at end).

* After keeping for one day If you don’t get grainy texture of ghee then you have removed early from stove. Boil it at medium low for 5 more minutes.

* Easy trick to know when it is done is when the sound which it was making stops.

* Total time taken is 20 to 25 minutes depending on your pan.

Thank you,
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