South Indian filter kaapi /coffee (no coffee filter required)


Filter coffee is coffee drink made from decoction (obtained by brewing ground coffee)mixed to piping hot milk .
You will find this coffee in many South Indian homes .

If you are a coffee lover, should give it a try.

I always use Cothas brand coffee powder

Which has a ratio of (85% coffee & 15% chicory ).


1/2 cup – water,
1 teaspoon – coffee powder
1 teaspoon – sugar,
1/2 cup – milk


In a pot bring water and coffee powder to boil. When it reaches rolling boil point. Switch off the stove and filter the decoction. let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes.
Boil milk until it bubbles and forms froth in stove (for better taste)or microwave high for a minute.
In a cup,add coffee decoction(desired quantity ) ,sugar and mix piping hot milk of desired quantity.
Using another coffee cup mix well.
Enjoy your kaapi😋

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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