Ghee(clarified butter)

Ghee made by simmering butter, is widely used in Indian cuisine. Roti’s , Rice and many Indian sweets. Try making ghee at your own, you will love the taste. Healthy and tasty than store bought ghee. Description Take few sticks of unsalted butter (try organic 0r butter made of cow’s milk for better taste) ,makeContinue reading “Ghee(clarified butter)”

Quinoa Dosa

Quinoa Dosa Quinoa is one of the healthiest food, gluten free,high in protein and fiber. Quinoa Dosa is one method of having it.. It’s tasty.. Try it Ingredients 1 cup- Quinoa, 1/4 cup- cilantro , 2- green chilies, Small piece of ginger, 1 tsp – salt( /according to your taste), Description  Rinse and soak oneContinue reading “Quinoa Dosa”