Badam Puri

Badam puri is sweet dish from Karnataka. Made specially during festivals and stacked in big jar.
Fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Crispy and sweet.Requires very less ingredients . Try this yummy sweet.


Badam/almonds – 1/2 cup(18 to 20 count)
Maida – 2 cups
Milk – 3/4 cup(approx)
Ghee/clarified butter -1/4 cup

Sugar syrup

1 cup – sugar,
3/4 cup – water,
1 teaspoon – cardamom powder

Coconut flakes to garnish,
Few cloves


Soak almonds for 1 hour and remove the skin of almonds. Grind it to make smooth paste.
In a medium sized bowl,take 2 cups of maida, add almond paste, ghee and by adding milk gradually make a soft dough.

Let dough rest for 10 min, meanwhile you can make sugar syrup.

To make sugar syrup ,in a thick bottomed pan add sugar, water,cardamom powder and bring it to boil. Boil it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Now, knead the dough and make equal sized balls out of it.
Using roller pin roll the each dough ball into round shape and apply some ghee and fold it to half , apply ghee and again fold to make triangle shape .
Slightly roll the dough.

Repeat and make 4 to 5 triangle shape dough.

Heat oil in a pan , at medium -high heat.
Test oil by dropping little bit of dough, it should puff up instantly then your oil is ready to fry.

Deep fry badam puri’s both the sides until golden brown and soak both sides in sugar syrup for 8 to 10 min.

Garnish with coconut flakes.

Above recipe yields 20 to 25 badam puri’s.


– If required, add more milk to make dough.

– Use clove to lock the badam puri’s so it will not open up while frying.

– Sugar syrup should be warm or little hot for soaking.

– Tastes Better if consumed within 3 days.can be refrigerated but loses its actual taste if kept more than 3 to 4 days.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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