Sabudana kheer / tapioca pudding in Instant Pot

Sabudana kheer /tapioca pearl is a sweet dish made during Indian festivals. Taken after a whole day fasting or famously called as ‘fasting food’. Rich in fiber and good carbs helps to gain weight for underweight people .

Provides instant energy, gluten free and helps in muscle growth.

So why not do this delicious Kheer/pudding in our one pot?

Yes ,no mess , no worry of thin/thick pudding consistency.

Let the instant pot do the magic, you relax and enjoy the sweet!!


1/4 cup – sabudana / tapioca pearls

1 1/4cups – whole milk

1/4 cup – granulated sugar

1 tablespoon- ghee/clarified butter

1 tablespoon- raisins and chopped nuts

1 teaspoon – Cardamom powder


Rinse sabudana throughly until water runs clear.

Soak it in fresh water for 2 hours.

Switch on the instant pot,Press sauté mode.

Add ghee/clarified butter ,roast raisins and nuts until raisins puffs up and nuts crispy and brown.

Switch off the sauté mode.

Now add soaked Sabudana/tapioca pearl ,milk,cardamom powder and sugar.

Stir well.

Close the lid ,seal the vent and cook on manual at low pressure for 6 minutes.

Once done cooking, switch off and allow it to naturally release the pressure.

Open the lid, stir once.

Enjoy hot or cold!!

Notes –

1 ) soak in hot water for 30 minutes to speed up the the process of soaking.

2 ) 1:5 ratio ,1 cup – sabudana pearls,1 cup – sugar ,5 cups – whole milk.

fat free milk can be used too.

3 ) extra nuts,raisins and saffron/kesar strands can be added once kheer is done .

4 ) kheer /pudding thickens as it cools .

If it becomes too thick ,add warm milk before serving.

5 ) sugar can be reduced according to your taste.


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