Banana Avocado Icecream 

Ice cream is a sweetened frozen dessert. Usually made with dairy and fruits of your choice.

making Ice-cream at home is easier than you think!

Try this simple recipe to make delicious,healthy Ice-cream.

Happy Summer!!


2 – Bananas,
1 – Avocado,
1/2 cup – milk,
3 – dates,
1 tsp – vanilla extract,
1 cup – ice cubes,
1/2 cup – sugar(optional)


Cut bananas into cubes and freeze it for an hour.

Peel Avocado skin ,remove the seed  and cut into pieces.

In a blender,add frozen bananas,Avocado,dates (remove seeds),milk ,vanilla extract and ice cubes.add sugar if required. Blend everything in high speed into a smooth paste.

Transfer to a container and freeze for 5 hours or overnight.

Scoop fresh homemade banana Avocado ice-cream.Enjoy!!

Note – 

If ice – cream is too hard . Leave it for 5 minutes on counter and then dig.
Add honey for great taste.

Thank you,
Quick Treats 


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