Vegan carrot Halwa in Instant Pot

Carrot halwa is Indian sweet made with loads of shredded carrots mixed with milk and sugar. Here I am showing the vegan ,low carb version of carrot halwa .


2 teaspoons – Vegan butter/coconut oil

2 cups – shredded carrots

1 can /14oz – coconut milk

1/2 cup – coconut sugar

1 teaspoon – cardamom powder

2 tablespoons – raisins and nuts


Wash and peel the carrots skin.

Cut into pieces. Grate it by hand or

Put in a mixer grinder and pulse them to shredded consistency.

Switch on Instant pot at sauté mode

Melt vegan butter/coconut oil ,fry raisins and nuts until raisins puffs up ,roasts nuts .

Take out the raisins/nuts to a plate.

Add shredded carrots and fry for 2 to 3 minutes until slightly color changes.

Add coconut milk ,mix .

Close the IP lid,seal vent and cook on manual for 3 minutes.

Switch off and allow it to naturally release pressure or quick release (if in a rush).

Switch on sauté mode, add coconut sugar and start cooking by stirring(it takes almost 5 minutes)

Halwa thickens and when you drag the spatula , you can see the bottom of pan for atleast 20 seconds.

Switch off the stove and mix roasted nuts,raisins and cardamom powder.


Note – alternate with ghee,whole milk and granulated sugar for non vegan /traditional carrot halwa.


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