7 cup Burfi 

7 cup Burfi is a Indian sweet. Very easy one to make. As name indicates we are using 7 cups of equal measures to make this delicacy.If you are looking for quick and easy sweet. Try making seven cup Burfi.


1 cup – Besan /chickpea flour,
1 cup – milk,
1 cup – coconut,
1 cup – melted ghee/clarified butter,
3 cups – sugar,
2 Tbs – badam/almond powder,
Pinch of Cardamom


Grease the tray and keep it aside.
Dry roast the Besan in medium low heat until the raw smell of Besan goes away..
In a thick bottomed pan,add ghee,Besan, sugar , milk, cocunut and keep on stirring, make sure no lumps.

After 18 to 20 minutes of continuous stirring, mixture starts leaving the pan and becomes thick collecting to one side.

Now pour to a greased tray and let it cool little and run knife to make desired shape.

When it completely cools cut into pieces.

7 cup burfi is ready. Enjoy!!


* With non- stick pan, it takes less time like 15 minutes.
* Sugar can be reduced to 2 1/2 cups.
* Can use fresh or dry coconut .

Thank you,
Quick Treats

Rava coconut ladoo

A easy and quick treat made with very less ingredients and requires less cooking. Blend of tasty ingredients like rava, coconut, sugar , ghee , cardamom and nuts.

1 cup – Rava/ Semolina ,
1 cup – Sugar,
1 cup – desiccated coconut powder,
1/4 cup – nuts and raisins,
1 Tsp –  cardamom powder,
1/4 cup – hot milk,
2 Tbs – ghee


Roast rava for 5 minutes or until you start to smell nice and little crunchy. Set aside to cool.
In a small pan, heat ghee and fry cashews till golden brown , add raisins and switch of the stove.
In a medium sized bowl, put roasted rava, sugar, Coconut powder, cardamom powder, fried nuts and raisins .stir well.

Add hot milk spoon by spoon binding the mixture. take a little portion of the mixture make balls. Add milk as needed .

Mixture makes about 15 ladoo ‘s. Enjoy!!

* milk should be hot. Use spoon to add milk do not pour the milk into mixture Or at once.
* Refrigerate the remaining ladoo’ s . Can get spoiled outside as we have added milk.

* For longer life of ladoo’ s you can skip milk and use hot ghee(around 1/4 cup) for binding.

* If you have added more milk or ghee, don’t worry add more rava, sugar and coconut .

Thank you,
Quick Treats


Peda is a Indian sweet. I have made it using just 4 ingredients- butter, ricotta cheese, milk powder and condensed milk.Easy and Tasty😋

4 Tablespoons/1/4 cup – Unsalted Butter,
425 grams – Ricotta cheese,
14oz – condensed milk,
1 1/2 cups – milk powder


Take a non stick pan at medium heat and melt butter. Add Ricotta cheese and stir for 3 to 4 minutes.
Now, add condensed milk and mix well..

Keep stirring. add milk powder in 2 batches and stir continuously until it becomes thick batter.( approximately 10 to 12 minutes)make sure no lumps.
Once it becomes thick and leaves the sides of pan switch of the flame and allow it cool..
When it’s slightly warm(don’t let it completely cool)make lemon sized balls.
Enjoy delicious Peda😋

* decorate peda’s with almonds, pistachio, cashews etc of your choice .

* Can use cardamom powder .

* Apply ghee to your hands if peda mixture is   Sticky or hard.

Thank you,
Quick Treats

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a rich sweet dish prepared in ghee,originated  from Mysore India..with just 3 simple ingredients you can make this melt- in- your mouth sweet Mysore Pak.😋 

Besan/chickpea flour-1 cup
Sugar-1 1/2 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Ghee-1 cup
Oil-1/4 cup
2 Tablespoons oil

Grease the tray with ghee.
In a bowl,mix 2 Tablespoons of hot oil to flour and mix well in spatula.
Sift the flour and make sure no lumps.
Heat ghee+oil in a pan in low medium heat.
Take a thick bottomed pan , add sugar and water.. Make the sugar syrup string consistency..
Now add besan batch by batch and stir..
When Besan mixture Start’s boiling,Add hot oil (3 tablespoons at a time)into mixture and stir.. Keep on doing this till mixture stops absorbing oil..
Pour into greased container..
Let it cool for 10 min.cut it into desired shape.
Enjoy delicious Mysore Pak 

* constant stirring of mixture is very important. It should be done without taking any break.
*Use 1 1/4 cup of ghee without oil for smooth and melting Mysore Pak.

Thank you,
Quick Treats