Pizza Dosa

Dosa(pan – cake) is a South Indian food made with fermented batter (made up of rice and lentils).How about making pizza using dosa as base?

A healthy pizza with your favorite vegetables and cheese.


Dosa batter,
Pizza sauce /tomato sauce,
Onion,capsicum or any vegetables,
Mozzarella cheese,
Chat powder,


Heat the non- stick pan ,put some oil and spread the dosa batter in circular way.

After few seconds,Melt some butter on top of it and spread pizza sauce ,your favorite vegetables,cheese .

Sprinkle some chat powder.

Cover with the lid and cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until cheese on top melts.

Cut into pizza slices and enjoy!!

Thank you,
Quick Treats

Recipe by Chaitra Goplakrishna 

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