Jowar flour Dosa 

Jowar flour is a healthy millet which has high source of calcium, iron , Vitamin B and dietary fiber. Jowar is very filling and keeps you active.If your looking for gluten free recipes you can replace your flour with jowar flour.

Jowar Dosa is a simple to do recipe and very tasty.


1 cup – jowar flour,
2 Tablespoons – rice flour,
2 – green chilies,
2 Tablespoons – coconut powder ,
Few cilantro /coriander leaves,
1 teaspoon – Salt,
1 1/2 cups – water


In a medium sized bowl, put jowar flour,rice flour,green chilies, coconut,cilantro and salt(according to your taste).

Add water and make batter consistency.Keep aside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Heat the non- stick pan and pour the dosa batter in circular way, put some oil on top.Now flip and cook the other side.

tasty and healthy jowar dosa is ready. Enjoy with red chutney powder or pickle.


No need to ferment the batter as in other dosa recipes.can be used right away.
Be patient,Cooking time is longer.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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