Ragi porridge/ hurihittu (for kids)

Ragi porridge is a healthy nutritious food specially given to toddlers .enjoyed by kids and adults too..it’s made up of roasted Ragi flour,jaggery and milk. Topped with dry fruits powder and clarified butter/ghee.


1/4 cup – roasted Ragi powder,
1/2 cup – water,
2 tablespoons – jaggery/brown sugar,
1/2 cup – milk( more of required),
1 tablespoon- Ghee/clarified butter,
1 tablespoon – badam/almond powder


At medium heat,In a thick bottomed pan,add water and mix jaggery and Ragi flour.

Switch on the stove and stir continuously for 1 or 2 minutes until it starts thickening.

Now ,add milk and stir continuously until it boils (create bubbles)and becomes thick (make sure no lumps are formed).

Switch of the stove and immediately add ghee/clarified butter and badam/almond powder. Mix well

Enjoy when it’s still warm.


⁃ you can make the porridge thin for babies by adding more milk.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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