Dry fruits Ladoo (for new moms ,postpartum diet)


Dry fruits Ladoo is healthy,nutritious and tasty too.
In India,traditionally offered to new moms to regain their strength and it’s made up of best chosen ingredients to help to cope with delivery . I find it helpful to growing kids too.


1 cup – almonds,
3/4 cup – dried dates,
3/4 cup – raisins,
1/2 cup – edible gum,
1/4 cup – poopy seeds,
1/2 cup – shredded dry coconut,
1/2 cup – jaggery,
2 Tablespoons – water,
1/4 cup – ghee,
1/4 cup – cashews(optional)


Break the dried dates into small pieces.

Dry roast the poppy seeds until it puffs and keep aside.

Add little ghee to pan and roast almonds and pieces of dried dates until it’s little crisp.

Take out to a plate.

Now ,add some more ghee to same pan and roast raisins until it puffs.

Allow it to cool and grind roasted dry fruits into coarse powder.

Now add little ghee to fresh pan and fry gum in batches at medium low heat. When it puffs like popcorn it’s done.take out to plate and break them into pieces by hand.

Now mix powdered dry fruits,crushed gum, roasted poppy seeds, shredded dry coconut .

In a pan, at medium heat, heat 2 tablespoons ghee .when ghee is hot ,add powdered Jaggery ,2 Tablespoons water and mix.

Jaggery melts and starts to boil. Stirring occasionally Boil until you get one string consistency(when u take little syrup between your thumb and index finger and tries to stretch ,it should form a string).

When syrup reaches one string consistency,it’s done. Switch off the stove and pour syrup on the prepared mixture .

Mix it with spoon and when it’s warm ,grease your palm with ghee and start making round balls/ Ladoo’s about 2 tablespoons each.

Work quickly and finish making Ladoo ‘s when it’s still warm.


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