Medu Vada

Medu vada is an Indian fritter made with black lentils or urad dal.
Shaped as doughnuts and deep fried in oil.Which is Crispy outside and soft inside.
Very popular snack eaten as breakfast in south India.
Try this simple recipe. You can make yummy,crispy vada’s at home in just few mins and with less ingredients.


1 cup – Urad Dal/Black lentils,
2 to 3 spoons – rice flour,
1/4 cup – scraped coconut,
1/2 – small sized finely chopped onions,
2 – green chili finely chopped,
1/2 teaspoon- jeera/cumin seeds,
1/2 teaspoon – ground pepper
1 teaspoon – salt,
1 teaspoon – baking soda


Soak urad dal for an hour or two.
Using mixer, grind it to smooth paste with very little or no water.
Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of rice flour and mix.
Batter should be thick like dough.

Now , add chopped onion, green chili, scraped coconut , cumin seeds, ground pepper,salt and baking soda.
Mix everything.

Heat oil in a pan.
round up the dough(lemon sized),make a hole in the middle and At medium heat,fry in oil until golden brown. Turn other side and fry too.

Take out to a napkin or tissue paper.

Repeat until the dough finishes.

Enjoy hot vada’s with coconut chutney.


If dough is watery,add more rice flour or if it is too thick ,sprinkle ice cold water.

Thank you,
Quick Treats


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